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Our Practices 2nd and High is committed to helping the Earth through several different methods.

Food Sources

We believe the food we serve should be from the freshest, most earth-friendly sources. When you are eating 2nd and High poke, you are eating ingredients that are locally-sourced, organic, and harvested or caught in a way that does not harm the earth around it.


Most of our restaurant was built by the owner using completely repurposed materials. Our walls use old wood that was used throughout our century old building. All our tables were also built using repurposed wood. Our 60′ bar was built using scrapped copper. 


We are a locally and family-owned small business who prides ourselves on being a part of our great Cleveland community. 


2nd and High Poke House + Bar recycles any possible way we can. Our paper is recycled through a program that benefits local schools. All glass, aluminum, and plastics are recycled, too. We believe the earth should be left the way it was before we were here.